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There are a variety of funds that distribute income at the discretion of the JCFC board. Grants are awarded annually after review of grant applications and recommendation by the Grants and Allocations Committee.

The purpose of a grant application is to gain insight in to each agency and the projects or programs that need support. The average size of grants will vary from year to year based on the available income for distribution. Proposals are reviewed by members of the JCFC Grants and Allocation Committee in May. Grant awards are announced in early June.

Applications are now closed for the 2022 Community Grants.

Please download the application at:

KSW Calgary Holocaust Education & Commemoration Fund

The KSW Calgary Holocaust Education & Commemoration Endowment Fund

Cries of ‘never again’ to the atrocities of the Holocaust compel us to be forever inspired to the testimony of Survivors, and to find ways to share their messages;  this includes the imperative of not being indifferent.  Named for our founders, (Krell Family, Switzer Family & Fania and Leo Wedro z’l) and Family, The KSW Calgary Holocaust  Education & Commemoration Endowment Fund was established to support initiatives within the local and extended community of Southern Alberta to enhance awareness of the Holocaust and to apply its lessons in combating hatred and antisemitism today and in the future.

Allocation of earned income is intended to augment existing programming within our community; targeting initiatives that involve partnerships.  Our aim is to maximize outreach and cross-cultural sharing of the lessons of the Holocaust, locally and beyond.

 The KSW Calgary Holocaust Education & Commemoration Endowment Fund welcomes contributions through the JCFC.  Requests for program funding can be made by completing the following ‘application’.