Why Partner With Us

The Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary offers administrative ease and tax-efficient ways to make a significant impact with your donations. Whether you’d like to memorialize a loved one, support a community organization in perpetuity or simply streamline your charitable giving, the JCFC is here to help you achieve your philanthropic goals by centralizing all your giving in one place. When you give through the JCFC, you connect to a network of people just like you who want to maximize their impact on community.

When you establish a charitable fund or utilize other philanthropic opportunities at the JCFC, you
enjoy significant tax benefits and can be confident that we will manage the day-to-day administration of your funds
with the utmost care.

With the establishment of your fund

  • You are creating an enduring legacy that will positively impact the community now and for generations to come.
  • You, your family and your friends can make additional contributions at any time, helping your fund to grow.
  • You will realize the tax benefits allowed by law for income tax purposes.
  • Your funds will be professionally managed and pooled for diversified investment.
  • You can use the Foundation to support multiple charities — locally or nationally. You supply the passion and ideas, while we provide the expertise and infrastructure.
  • We handle all your paperwork, processing and monitoring of grants.
  • As a trusted public registered charity, the JCFC will assure the continued use of your funds in the community interest and with your charitable intent in mind.

Whether you wish to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to leave a legacy, or have complicated tax situations, the JCFC has the resources and tools that can help fulfill your financial and charitable goals.

Funds are established by

  • Individuals and families in their name(s) or in the name of a loved one(s)
  • Groups of people in the name of a person they wish to honour
  • Organizations and agencies to finance general needs or specific projects
  • Organizations who wish to benefit from access to top-ranked investment managers and expertise that would be otherwise unavailable as a small investor.

    Investing your funds with JCFC gives your organization access to an expertly managed portfolio designed to consistently deliver solid returns. Polling of funds gives the capacity to diversify investments at reduced management fees, increasing returns and reducing risk
  • Establishing a fund at the JCFC is an opportunity to access a broadly diversified investment portfolio.
  • All fund holders earn identical total time weighted returns

With the JCFC, you are not just a fund-holder; you are part of a tradition of great philanthropy and community building.